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Australian Government - Clean Energy Finance Corporation Review


To supplement the consultation process, the CEFC review panel sought written submissions from stakeholders.

The submissions process closed on 8 December 2011 and 151 public submissions were received and are available below.  Some authors requested their submissions remain confidential and have not been published. The panel also received over 200 letters from 100% Renewable Energy advocating investment in large scale solar.

Applications to the CEFC can now be made through the CEFC's website .

450 Parts Per Million 48KB
ACCIONA Energy Oceania 950KB
Adlong, William 18KB
Alternative Technology Association 418KB
AquaGen Technologies 40KB
ARCA Group Investments 476KB
Arid Lands Environment Centre 146KB
Astbury, Ray 10KB
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering 84KB
Australian Air Quality Group 10KB
Australian Centre for Renewable Energy Board 50KB
Australian Coal Association 183KB
Australian Community Energy 82KB
Australian Conservation Foundation 730KB
Australian Council of Trade Unions 91KB
Australian Energy Market Operator 57KB
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network 35KB
Australian Industry Group 105KB
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union 169KB
Australian Solar Energy Society 60KB
Australian Solar Institute 154KB
Australian Solar Institute - Appendix 775KB
Australian Youth Climate Coalition 59KB
Baker and McKenzie 79KB
Beyond Zero Emissions 218KB
Beyond Zero Emissions - Appendix 238KB
Boulot, Emille 4KB
Bradley, Phil 9KB
Brenan, John 13KB
Cahill, Michael and Derouet, Isabelle 7KB
Campbell, Ed 13KB
Ceramic Fuel Cells 116KB
Chartered Secretaries Australia 51KB
City of Melbourne 130KB
City of Sydney 1.15MB
Clean Energy Angel Fund 43KB
Clean Energy Council 106KB
Clean Energy for Eternity 80KB
Clean Point Selective Energy 18KB
Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle 29KB
Climate Works Australia 121KB
Columbus Group 13KB
Commissioner for Renewable Energy, South Australia 57KB
Community Power Agency 31KB
Coolah Wind Farms 50KB
Council of Capital City Lord Mayors 1.02MB
CVC Limited 35KB
Dawborn, Kerry 6KB
Denmark Community Windfarm 83KB
Diesendorf, Mark 91KB
Doctors for the Environment Australia 52KB
Dover, Gerard 164KB
Embark Australia 188KB
Energy Developments 35KB
Energy Efficiency Council 107KB
Energy Supply Association of Australia 47KB
EnGen Institute 72KB
Engineair 161KB
Ergon Energy 442KB
Exigency Management 91KB
Fenwick, Elisabeth 28KB
First Solar 179KB
Fotowatio Renewable Ventures 28KB
General Electric 89KB
Gilding, Jack 8KB
Goodman, Chris 23KB
Granite Power 91KB
Grattan Institute 30KB
Greenpeace Australia 37KB
Ground Swell Bass Coast 17KB
Hanvey, Leanne and Christian 10KB
Harper, Jan 6KB
Hepburn Wind 50KB
Horizon Power 729KB
Hovey, Lyn 6KB
Huth, Alister 23KB
Investor Group on Climate Change 177KB
James, Stephen 36KB
Jephson, Paul 195KB
Jones, Simon 146KB
Katoomba Area Climate Action Now 14KB
Kuth Energy 31KB
Lang, Andrew 22KB
Lathouris, Rosemary and Arthur 8KB
Latrobe City Council 197KB
Lean Emissions Alliance 76KB
Levy, Hannan Einav 6KB
Low Carbon Australia 1.20MB
Loy Yang Marketing Management Company 58KB
MacBean, Ian 16KB
McLennan, Andrew 6KB
Microbiogen 55KB
MirusWind 1.72MB
Moreland Energy Foundation 408KB
Morgan, Andrew 25KB
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group 25KB
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (2) 36KB
National Carbon Capture and Storage Council 41KB
New England Wind 177KB
NewSouth Innovations 1.25MB
North West Renewable Energy Community Group 79KB
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage 73KB
Ocean Power Technologies Australasia and Victorian Wave Partners 37KB
Origin Energy 320KB
Pacific Hydro 220KB
Parmeter, Matt 31KB
Parramatta Climate Action Network 48KB
Permaculture Blue Mountains 11KB
Qantas 21KB
Queensland Conservation Council 45KB
Queensland Government 284KB
Queensland Government (2) 73KB
Rainbow Power Company 48KB
Ranges Energy 167KB
Recurrent Energy 193KB
Renewable Newstead 28KB
REpower Australia 66KB
Responsible Investment Academy 188KB
Royal Bank of Scotland 45KB
Samsung C&T Australia 4.61MB
Santos 385KB
See-Change 330KB
Solar Millennium 287KB
Solar Turbo 17KB
South Australian Government 21KB
Starfish Ventures 78KB
State Street Global Advisors 279KB
SunPower Corporation Australia 123KB
Suntech Power Australia 57KB
Sustainable Energy Association of Australia 829KB
Sustainable Living Armidale 25KB
Sydney Capital Partners and SIM Venture Securities Exchange 178KB
Tasmanian Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts 20KB
The Australian Workers’ Union 145KB
The Climate Group 54KB
The Climate Institute 347KB
Union Fenosa Wind Australia 147KB
Vestas Australian Wind Technology 32KB
Visy Industries Australia 43KB
Walker, Claude and Prest, James 117KB
Waters, Nigel 5KB
Western Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet 209KB
Westpac 205KB
White, David 15KB
Wight, James 202KB
Wind Farm Developments 102KB
Wise Group 36KB
WWF Australia 312KB
Youl, Rob 5KB
Zamzam Green 181KB